Nabavka rezervnih delova iz Rusije

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Nabavka rezervnih delova iz Rusije

Post by deckyNS » Tue Aug 14, 2007 12:26 pm


Pretragom interneta naišao sam na ovu kompaniju u Rusiji (ranije smeštenu u St-Petersburgu, a sada u Kazanju) koja se bavi prodajom rezervnih delova za ruska vozila, koje nabavlja od samih proizvođača i time garantuje originalnost, koje po porudžbini šalje u inostranstvo (36 zemalja) putem DHL, UPS, EMS, ruske avio pošte ili nekih drugih kompanija.

Kontaktirao sam ih kako bih proverio neke informacije, u Srbiji kao posrednika nemaju nikoga, ali primaju porudžbine svake vrste (vezane za rezervne delove).

Plaćanje se vrši uplatom preko Western Union-a (kod nas) ili već kako se dogovorite. Proverio sam da li se plaćanje može vršiti po prijemu robe i dali su mi potvrdan odgovor, jer takav vid plaćanja već imaju sa nekim zemljama, a i najsigurniji je za nas ovde.

Otvoreni su za svaku vrstu saradnje i spremni da izađu u susret svakom predlogu i želji. Vrlo je važno i to ističu, da porudžbina mora biti precizno specificirana, jer dogod nije tako, neće izvršiti isporuku, već će vas stalno korigovati kako bi se na kraju došlo do onoga što je potrebno.

Pre svake isporuke poslaće vam mail/fax u kojem će vam precizirati cenu same pošiljke i po vašem odobrenju, oni je šalju. Ukoliko je cena isuviše velika i ako vam ne odgovara, isporuka se stopira i vi možete predložiti neku drugu vrstu isporuke, koja vam je jeftnija i isplativija.

Vreme isporuke zavisi od izabranog načina isporučivanja i za Evropu je najčešće 5-15 dana mada može biti i brže.

Sve ovo ovde sto je napisano kao i druge informacije mozete i sami dobiti na sajtu:

ICQ: 176025082
Tel/Fax: 7-917-2574822
Package Return - Mailing Address 420111 Kazan,Russia

Odgovore na najčešće postavljana pitanja možete takođe naći na sajtu, a preneo sam ih i ovde (na engleskom):

What parts you sell ?
We sell ANY Lada Samara Niva spart parts,parts to GAZ (Volga) car,Parts for UAZ, Ural bikes,and almost any russian cars and trucks.Samara Lada parts you can see in our online parts catalogus,other makes parts aveliable by special request.For other OEM parts recognize and ordering,please,use downloadable drawing schemes.

What is OEM Lada parts?
"Original Equipment Manufacturer" - originally OEM was an adjective used to describe a company that produced parts to be marketed under another company's brand. When we use OEM , it's mean : "This parts made by Original Manufacturer's and marked by OEM Number".

Who is manufacturer of Samara Lada parts?
We sell Lada and Niva parts made only by original manufacturer - VAZ car plant and his official car parts providers. If you order parts for other cars like GAZ Volga or UAZ we provide parts from this original manufacturers too. We reserve the right to replace parts for Lada by parts from famous ,brand name European manufacturers like Luk and Bosh or or similar companys if this type or Samara Lada parts aveliable for shipping for this time.

What else you sell?
We sell parts for ANY russian cars and trucks with no exceptions,even old models - we have ANY russian car parts that made after WWII - GAZ,VAZ,VOLGA,UAZ,MOSKVITCH M1/MK and more....We sell russian retro cars like VOLGA GAZ 21/22 , POBEDA M21 or GAZ69 for collectors.We help funs to purchase URAL bikes from owners inside russia. We provides for our partners and serious collectors (by request) info on current offers and prices for collectible russian cars on local market.We sell russian military vehicles.For collectible and rare cars we provides permission for export outside russia,also,we orginize tarvel to russia for purchase a car directly form owner,or,in other words, we have a lot of services for car owners and funs,feel free to e-mail us and ask!

How can I be sure in Lada Niva parts quality?
We no need refunds or negative reputation - therefore,if we have parts from original manufacturer, and quality of this parts help us to avoid extra discussions.In some cases,we have parts of better quality with the same price - so,that's the reason to use Lada parts from third part manufacturers from Germany. We do NOT sell Salama Lada parts from Asia (China and Turkey) - thit's out of our rules or polices.

What delivery you use?
We have few types of Lada parts delivery type:
1) By regular Russian State Air Mail
2) By regular State Mail
3) By EMS Mail service
4) By other poste companies like DHL,UPS
5) Containers by sea
6) Air shipping via third shipping companies.

How long delivery?
Normal delivery time for regular russian state Airmail:
USA, Canada 10-15 days From $9 per 1 Kg
Europe 5-15 days From $9 per 1 Kg
Other countries 10-30 days From $9 per 1 Kg

For some countrys it can be even a little bit faster - for.ex shipping Lada and Niva parts to Finland,Sweden and Norway takes 2-4 days,to Germany 4-6 days,shipping to Korea 3-6 days,to England 3-6 days.

Who pay delivery?
After we handle your request shipping price will be included into the total order cost (bill) in confirmation letter.All international orders are shipped by DHL, EMS, UPS or Federal Express (FedEx) or other shipping companys paid by customers.Our Lada parts store cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by chosen delivery company.Orders ship approximately 2-3 business days after payment.You will be notified of the exact delivery dates by e-mail, fax, or telephone.Domestic shipments to ex-USSR countrys are also made by State Airmail poste. As a rule, for international orders we use russian State Poste (cheapest) delivery service.

What prices for shipping?
We can't provide you all information for shipping price online - it depends on parcel weight and point of destination.Basic prices for shipping by Russian State poste is following:
Pack (petit paquet) up to 1 kg (1000 gms or 2.2 pnd) - USD 10.00
Pack (petit paquet) up to 2 kg (2000 gms or 4.5 pnd) - USD 20.00
Parcel up to 20 kg - (USD 20.00 + USD 5.00) per 1 kg.
Parcel by Airmail up to 20 kg - (USD 20.00 + USD 7.00) per 1 kg.
Note: Italy ,Ireland and some other countrys have limit for packs (petit paquets) weight - 1 kg.
Note: Body parts with dimensions 50x90x90 Cm ( more 2x2x3 feet ) or weight more 30 Kg (Appr. 50 pnd) may be sent ONLY via commercial poste (EMS,UPS,DHL). Some countrys have even less limits for weight and dimensions - contact us before make order for this parts.

What if price for Lada parts with shipping is too high?
No problems - you may leave this order without confirmation (do not make payment) - in this case we just do not send this parts to you.If you have better price shipping company - feel free to write us,and if it's useful - we can send your order by your way.

How to order Lada parts?
Buy Lada parts online has never been easier! You can choose Lada parts that's you need in our online catalogue and come to fill up order form, or find your parts on downloadable Lada drawing maps and full up the order parts form ,or use General ordering form on our site,or, at least, just write us and describe Lada or Niva part you need in your letter.

In common case you can follow this simply steps:
1) Find your Lada parts in catalogue or on schemes.
2) Fill up thr order form and (if you wish)- let us know what shipping type you would like.
3) Got order confirmation letter with total cost (INVOICE).
4) After payment we'll collect your order and sent it to you by poste.
5) We confirm shipping and inform you about shipping date.

Why don't you place all Lada parts in catalog?
We sell more 14 000 Lada spare parts - we think it couldn't be useful to work with so big lists or spare parts . In other hand - little by little we're add new positions to catalog - feel free to check the updates or write us about your needs . Moreover - there are different (at least five) prices for shipping to different countrys - that's the reason for us to handle each order individually.

How to make payment?
We accept payments by credit card online through 2CO billing system. It is protected, secure and free for you. It is very simply and will take at you no more than one minute. Just click the button "Add" above the item.When you full up the cart push button "Buy" . We've got this information,and after handle your request , we confirm orders by email. In this conformation letter you've got the bill for your order - follow this link to 2CO payments page and make payment via your Credit Card (Visa/MC/DC) as usual. If (for any reason) you don't want to use this way - feel free to let us to know - we can accept payments via Western Union,or wire transfer to our banking account.If you want to pay the item by another way or if you have any questions, please feel free to e-Mail us.

How can I pay for my Lada and Niva car parts?
We accept Visa and MC/DC credit cards online via 2checkout merchant account. We accept also International Money Orders through the International Payment System "Western Union". How we accept payments from any credit card holders.Also,we accept wire transfers to our bakning account to SBERBANK (1st and largest russian state bank).If this types of payment do no cover your needs - write us, we'll provide you other more useful possibilitys for payments.

What if I make a mistake in order or if Lada or Niva parts is not fit for my Lada Niva?
We support our customers - for same cases our support service help customers to identify each detail and correct orders.But,if something comes wrong,you can send us parts back and reorder your Lada Niva parts.If so,there are no extra charges for customers,you've pay only shipping charges with no charges for replacements. For avoid this,please, be careful in orders,and check twice your parts and orders before ,or contact your Lada car service for correct ordering parts name or manufacturer numbers.

Do you provide parcel tracking?
Only in cases when we use DHL, EMS, UPS or Federal Express - State Poste delivery do not support this option.

What about moneyback garantees?
We offers a 30 day money back guarantee. If for any reason an Lada parts that you have purchased from as does not meet your satisfaction simply let us know within 30 days of receipt, send the item back to us (via DHL, EMS, UPS or FedEx), and we will refund the amount charged for the item. There is a processing fee for all returns unless it was our shipping error.Please contact us first before doing so.We do not refunds parts or orders less $20.00.
For our partners we offer 100% refunds for any Lada parts with no price limits.

What limits for purchase?
Transaction limits for credit card holders are the following: $1000 per one transaction, which means that your total order cost cannot exceed $1000 per one operation or $1000 per one day.If you use wire transfer or Western Union payment service, there are on limits for ordering.

Do you accept credit cards? If yes, which ones?
Yes, we accept both Visa and MasterCard. We accept the debit card as long as they have either the Visa or MasterCard logo. We accept other ways of payment, like cashiers check or money orders - contact us and ask for terms and conditions.

Is ordering online safe?
Yes, it is safe. We use the latest SSL technology, by using the 128 bit secure encryption.

I'm an owner of shop. Can I work with your site as a reseller?
Sure.We open for any cooperation - you always welcome directly contact us. We have a serious discounts and special proposes for you.

What can I do if buy Car parts from you,but I have a problem with my order or shipping?
In the unlikely situation that you would have a problem with your order, please email us at or contact us directly via ISQ 85955105 ,phone or fax.

Does your site have a privacy policy?
Yes, our privacy policy does not give any personal information out to third parties.This information is used only to deliver the product to the final destination.If you buy Lada car parts at our site we respects the privacy of our customers, and everything is kept confidential therefore the customer or visitors information will not be given out for any reason.

Do you give discount for purchase some items simultaneously?
Yes, we give discount. Furthermore delivery of several items in the one address simultaneously will cost much more cheaply. If you want to buy Lada or Niva car parts for some items simultaneously, please e-Mail us about. We'll give you the special total cost of the order with delivery.

Where do you deliver?
We deliver worldwide.

How do you pack your items for delivery?
We pack each item into an extra packing which excludes any damage or corrosion.

How long does it take to be delivered?
Dispatch begins right after your payment. Delivery takes from 1 to 3 weeks. It depends of your residence and your choice of delivery: regular or express. Regular delivery including in the price. If you want to obtain Lada or Niva parts faster, we can deliver your parcel by express(EMS)mail. Please e-Mail us about and we'll give you the additional cost of delivery.

Ako nađete još neku zanimljivu varijantu za nabavku rezervnih delova direktno iz Rusije, dodajte i obavestite druge članove kluba.
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Post by dejo » Sat Apr 12, 2008 5:06 pm

Evo jedna zanimljiva trgovina.

Ima katalog i cijene.
Prošetajte se trgovinom. Pravi mali raj za ladoljupce!
Za lakše snalaženje tu je

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Post by deckyNS » Sun May 04, 2008 9:31 pm


г. Новосибирск
ул. Петухова, д. 17.

Спасибо за Ваш выбор нашего интернет магазина автозапчастей для автомобилей Лада. Вы найдете все необходимое для ремонта и тюнинга Вашего автомобиля.
Запчастей для BAЗ:2101,2102,2103,2104,2105,2106,2107,2108,2109,2110,2111,2112,2113,2114,2115,Калина,Нива,Приора

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Post by deckyNS » Sun Jun 08, 2008 7:48 pm


Kontaktirali su me neki Rusi preko mail-a, kazu nasli me preko interneta Lada Club i kazu sledece:

Dear Sir,
We found you via Internet resource LADA club. Let us introduceourselves. Ivagor LADASPORT is the Russian Internet company with anextensive experience and knowledge of the Lada market and we are ableto supply you with a variety differential parts for Lada. In the case , if we can assist you anyway, please fill free to contactus or visit our website With best regardsIvagor LADASPORT team

eto jos jedne ruske online prodavnice...
imaju lepo sortirani katalog
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Post by Kobac SPO » Tue Sep 09, 2008 12:40 am

Deluje mi posteno, jel neko porucio nesto do sada?

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Post by darkmensale » Tue Sep 09, 2008 3:04 am

Kobac SPO wrote:Deluje mi posteno, jel neko porucio nesto do sada?
To je i meni stiglo...Marko ih je kontaktirao i kaze da nema nista od toga jer nema nikakvih mogucnosti da od njih kupimo delove.
Strma dzada pici moja lada!!!

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Re: Nabavka rezervnih delova iz Rusije

Post by bruyoni » Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:16 pm

Ovaj.. radi li ko ovo dovlačenje delova iz Rusije?
Konkretno me interesuje naslon za ruku za 110 koji proizvodi Alamar
tj. ovo:

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Re: Nabavka rezervnih delova iz Rusije

Post by Dare » Sun Jan 29, 2012 11:05 pm

ovo je lakse napraviti neko nabaviti :)

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Re: Nabavka rezervnih delova iz Rusije

Post by bruyoni » Sun Jan 29, 2012 11:07 pm

Nudiš se? :)

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